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The Tour Bharat Story


What is in India? That is the question we set out to answer. Tour Bharat started as a dream to bring out India’s true heritage and culture. There is so much that we never knew. Bravery, devotion, loyalty, sacrifice, blood, war, and love have carved India throughout the ages. Many elements make Bharat unique and beautiful. But how many people actually realize the hidden values of India?

The Tour Bharat team believes in India’s culture and heritage. We realized that the legacy of India is far greater than we ever knew. We decided that we had to do something to change the perspective of the people. The richness of the culture and values, the intricate details in each artifact, each temple, each monument, and each tradition that was left behind to us by ancient India.  

Traditions and cultures have existed from time immemorial. Today science has proved that the age-old customs of India have been designed to protect the people who follow them. You are probably wondering if it is true. Be assured, for Tour Bharat’s sole reason for existence is to proliferate the true stories of India. For instance, we apply sindoor on the foreheads. According to science, this activates our mind and helps us focus and concentrate. This was just a small example to exhibit that India’s culture and traditions are our shields. They are in fact the apex of our existence. 

“To dream of India is to dream of paradise. Its culture and traditions have captured our hearts and memory! The land of eternal bliss and seamless beauty.”

-The Tour Bharat Team

Look at those intricate monuments. The Tour Bharat team wonders if ancient India was more advanced than the so-called “modern-day” technology. The carvings are so exquisite and have advanced architecture made with such precision and beauty, one that can never be replicated even with our so-called modern and advanced technology. It was the mystical craftsmanship skill that the sculptors and masons of the ancient Bharat possessed, the passion and vigor of kings and Nawabs, the determination of the Lord’s who ruled this country that made India the true definition of admiration and astonishment. 

Tour Bharat believes everyone should be proud of their heritage. India is home to some of the richest forms of culture. The mysteries left behind for the modern world to decipher are often beyond our wildest dreams. The Tour Bharat ideology is based upon the wonders and mysteries that are left for us today. We strive to answer the question, “What is in India,” and we believe that is a question that can never truly be answered. Words are not enough to describe the true glory of this nation. This is a country that radiates spiritual, scientific, and traditional values of the highest degree. It is home to some of the most ancient temples, and archeological wonders of the world, it is the land that invented zero, it is the land that holds vast riches and spiritual tales of India.  This is the homeland of many great souls who have revolutionized the world with their talent and knowledge.

“India is the mother of race, the father of philosophy, the teacher of tradition, and the architect of cultures, and in a way the birthplace of history itself.”

-The Tour Bharat Team

Honour was the greatest virtue that drove queens to sacrifice their lives rather than sacrificing their bodies to the foreign invaders. India has been raided, invaded, and exploited infinite times throughout the ages. Have we lost everything then? Well, Tour Bharat members believe that we lost gold and riches but we have gained something bigger and greater. We have gained the admiration and respect of the world. People across the world are smitten by the Tales of India. It is time to join our hands together to exhibit our unity, integrity, and culture of this proud nation.

We invite you to join Tour Bharat on this journey if you want to realize the hidden glory of this nation. It has withstood thousands of invasions yet it continues to strive and evolve.

We have journeyed across centuries. India was known as “Sone ki chidiya”. Tour Bharat wants you to know that India is not just a country with a huge population and economic challenges. Tour Bharat aims to dig out the legacies that have been forgotten with time. To preserve India’s pride, we must first learn about the roots of this immense pride! 

The major tourist destinations, malls, and hotels are everywhere. And that is why we decided to include a section to explore the local cultures and explain their significance. Which is why we present to you “The Tales of India.” A place where the Tour Bharat team hopes to teach you the deep traditions and culture of India. We want to show the world that India is not only the home to some excellent places but also the home to a mystical and wonderful culture, filled with a diverse group of people, who come together to form this wondrous country. Bharat is a land full of seamless adventures, spiritual journeys, magnificent monuments, natural wonders, and sanctuaries that are abode to the rarest species. This is a country where nature is its own architect and great architects have shaped many monuments that have withstood the greatest force of all, these monuments and wonders have outlasted species and have stood the test of time.


                      Tour Bharat Team:

By now you must be wondering about who the members of our team are. So here we go!


Suhas Medam           – The Chief Executive Officer

Pavan Kumar Thota  – The Chief Operating Officer

Gunasekhar Vemula – The Chief Technology Officer


So now that we have introduced you to the Tour Bharat team. We want you to know that we will continue to express ourselves through our words and enlighten the world as they look towards India. It is time to spread our wings and fly into the sky of glory.

We present tourbharat.com with the hope that you would welcome it warmly and make us a part of your life’s journey. As Tour Bharat’s team, we will try our best to justify and explore the lesser-known elements of India that have contributed to the history, to the tourism, to the local pride and to us. Each tale would definitely enlighten you and towards the end, Tour Bharat hopes that people would accept the legacy and work towards preserving and expanding it. So that the younger generations learn to respect our nation not out of fear but out of sheer pride!

Work with the Tour Bharat Team

The Tour Bharat team is looking for photographers and content writers, who wish to spread a message. We want to gather a passionate group of people who wish to spread a message through the Tales of India, sharing their views on Indian classics, folklore, or even Sanathan Dharma. Or even people who are hoping to bring their hometown to the eyes of a wider audience, those who want to promote our message on an ever-greater scale.

Thank you all, and the Tour Bharat team awaits your response.